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Learn to Be Romantic And Sweet With Bisexual

Is there a formula for finding compatibility and finding love online on bisexual dating site? Can love really be found by crunching numbers in a computer or mobile? CONTINUE READING

How to Write an Amazing Profile?

The hardest part in bisexual dating is creating the profile. This is the most important aspect in online dating. The reason behind this is that a person tends to learn more CONTINUE READING

Choose bisexual dating way: PC or Mobile?

When it comes to online dating you may either use your pc or mobile phone to access bisexual dating sites. It is highly important to learn some of the advantages of both devices before opting for any specific device. CONTINUE READING

First Bisexual Date Signs You Will not Get a Second Date

On the first date, all parties involved in the date have their own opinion on whether they will have a second date or never meet you again. It is usually hard to determine whether you will get CONTINUE READING

IM and Text Messaging: When I Know I Must Ask Her Out

The hardest part in bisexual dating is getting to know when to ask her out. This is usually harder if you met online on bisexual websites. The main reason behind this is the fact that CONTINUE READING

Top 10 Ways to Impress a Bisexual Woman on a First Date

On the first date one should always aim to impress. This is the simplest way to make her like you when you first meet. There are some simple methods that one can use to impress a bisexual woman when it comes to bisexual dating. CONTINUE READING

Bisexual: Gaming & Dating

As most bisexuals know, the hardest part of being bisexual is coming out. Though it is the hardest part it is the most important step to living a happy life. Fear of being judged or rejected are the main reasons as to why most people end up being bisexual in secret. CONTINUE READING

Tips for bisexual senior people dating

Some problems come in your life due to accidents and sudden occasions, but most of the pain you have in your life is created by you. Particularly if you consider your relationship you will see that most of the time misunderstandings create big problems. CONTINUE READING

Tips for younger bisexual singles dating

When you meet a bisexual woman you must go prepared otherwise you may fail. You must have the knowledge how you should go with a bisexual woman. Like all humans, the bisexual woman is also sensitive and aggressive so if you want to impress her then... CONTINUE READING

Tips For Bi-Curious People Dating Online

First things first, bi-curious people are not bisexual. They are not committed to being with both genders. The mere idea of knowing how it feels to date both the genders makes them bi-curious.... CONTINUE READING

6 Frustrating Reasons It's SO Hard For Bisexuals To Find LOVE

Though the LGBT community has won some important victories recently all over the globe (the most important being the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges case, where same-sex marriage is recognized as a fundamental legal right under CONTINUE READING